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Summer lawn care in any location, let alone the southern region of the nation, can be tricky with the extra hot and humid conditions that the area endures each year. Lawns can quickly dry out due to the endless long summer heat and become breeding grounds for beetles. Here is your guide to summer yard care in places where the heat can be extra daunting on both you and your lawn.

Treat For Grubs

June Bugs are notorious for using lawns as a breeding area for eggs. There are over 100 speciesof June Bugs in Texas alone who lay eggs in area lawns during the early to mid-summer. Those eggs then hatch about 2 weeks later and produce white grubs that feed on grass roots. These beetles can wreak havoc on a lawn as well as the surrounding plants in your hard. Discourage June Bugs from using your yard as a breeding area by treating your lawn with either chemical or natural grub applications. Call your local agriculture extension for more information on the best time to treat in your area.

Don’t Over Cut

Mowing your lawn too short during a mow may seem like less work overall but it can actually harm your grass. Grass should only be but up to 1/3 of the total height during each mow. Cutting off more can actually cause the grass to stress out and damage the overall plant. Keeping your lawn at least 2 inches high will also help to deter June Bug infestations. Double check the kind of grass seed that was used on your lawn and consider the height recommendations for that particular variety. During a particularly busy growing week consider mowing a few times in order to not cut off too much at one time.

Water Early

There is definitely a right and wrong time to water your lawn. Watering in the early morning, before 9 am, is the best time to water a lawn. Allowing your yard to take a long drink of water first thing in the morning, before the heat turns up, benefits healthy grass the most. Watering during the middle of the day or afternoon will waste too much water to evaporation as well as raise your water bill as it will take longer for your grass to get soaked. Watering at night is a common practice but it can actually lead to fungus to grow as the grass sits wet for too long during humid nights.

Clean Up After Pooches

Allowing pet poop on your lawn is a good way to spot your lawn with brown spots. Picking up after your pet on a regular weekly basis will help to keep your lawn green and lush all season long. Most dogs have a certain area that they like to use every day so make sure to keep your eye on the area to ward off any problems that may arise. Consider giving the area an extra rinse in order to keep the grass healthy and dilute the high concentration of waste that could kill grass.

Summers are hot and sunny which allows area homeowners to spend a lot of time using their outdoor areas. Make sure that your time spent outdoors is on a luscious lawn that is well watered and clean from pet waste. Treating for grubs will help keep your yard free from larvae and not cutting too much off of grass during a mowing will make your lawn strong and healthy. Follow these tips in keeping your new lawn beautiful throughout the summer.


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