Top 10 Features Home Buyers Want

As a seller, you’ll want to do everything you can to make your home more appealing to buyers. And like other sellers, you’ll be doing some prep work to get your home ready to sell. That means fresh paint, increased curb appeal, and sometimes even renovations. Many sellers struggle with deciding exactly where to spend their home improvement budget, and it can be tough to know what buyers want.  Hopefully, you’re lucky enough to have a few of these upgrades already in your home. If not, adding one or more of these suggestions can help your home get noticed and stand out in the minds of buyers.

  1. Laundry room. According to the National Association of Home Builders, this topped the list of most desirable amenities with 92% of buyers wanting one. It keeps this everyday chore from piling up in other areas and out of sight. It’s also a necessity for families and depending on the size of the project, it can be fairly inexpensive.
  2. Energy efficiency. The most common improvements include appliances and windows. But energy efficiency can come with bigger projects like solar panels and energy efficient HVAC systems, or several smaller projects like a new programmable thermostat, energy efficient doors and LED light fixtures.
  3. Outdoor living areas. Thanks to DIY shows, outdoor living areas are extremely popular. These areas can range from a patio or deck to an entire outdoor kitchen. It’s a great way to add a functional area to a home without actually having to add on to the house or take on huge renovations.
  4. Hardwood floors. Buyers love the longevity and timeless beauty of hardwood floors. You can achieve a variety of looks making them all the more appealing. If you love hardwood floors, but want something a more budget-friendly, engineered wood can help keep the cost down.
  5. Extra storage space. A well-organized garage, walk-in closet, or an unused area converted to extra storage is always a win with buyers. It’s something buyers always look for when home shopping and an absolute necessity for families.
  6. Outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is the top outdoor feature mentioned by buyers. It helps your home and the surrounding yard look wonderful and adds safety to the outdoor area.
  7. Unique architectural features. A unique feature that gives a house character should be highlighted and used to your advantage, not hidden. Exposed brick, exposed beams, a beautiful window alcove or fireplace are all good examples.
  8. Ceiling fans. This popular decorative touch is always a win with buyers. They give a room a unique look, help cut energy bills and provide comfort. This useful upgrade can be fairly inexpensive too.
  9. Eat in kitchen. Families and those who entertain highly desire this. Feeding young children requires the easily washable surfaces found in kitchens and cooks appreciate not being isolated from the surrounding festivities when entertaining.
  10. Updated or upgraded bathrooms. If you can add a little space for a double vanity, update lighting, frame a building grade mirror, or add a high-end feature or two, it can make a big impact. It can be easy for bathrooms to look outdated. Bathroom projects might require it’s out of use for a few days, so people tend to put off updating a bathroom until it’s an absolute necessity. It’s one of those areas where the lack of action says a lot.

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